Romania - how safe is it for tourists?

Contrary to some common myths, Romania is one of the safest countries for tourists in the world.

According to , Romania's safety index in 2020 is 80/100, which indicates that the risk for tourists is very low. By comparison, the UK's safety index is 77, and compared to other popular destinations for the British public such as Italy (77), USA (64), Portugal (57) and Turkey (45), Romania is doing rather well.

Obviously, having said that, common sense needs to prevail when travelling anywhere on the globe. The following safety tips are useful and if observed, will help make your holiday as pleasant as possible:

  1. Use only licensed taxi companies or car sharing apps such as Uber. The most common crimes tourists fall victims to are scams perpetrated predominantly by unlicensed taxi drivers.

2. In crowded places, maintain an awareness of the valuables in your possession (wallet, mobile phone, etc). Whilst pickpockets operate far less in Romanian cities compared to most other major European cities, this phenomenon is still an issue.

3. In bars pubs and restaurants, check the receipts provided and ensure they match your order. Some less reputable places will take advantage of tourists by overcharging them.

4. Should you choose to rent a car during your travels, make sure to secure it when leaving it unattended (even for brief periods of time) and remove any valuables from plain view.

5. If you use cash and exchange money, make sure to double check the amount you need to receive and count the money a second time when receiving them from the cashier.

6. Whilst muggings against tourists in Romania are very rare, avoid roaming alone at night in secluded and unfamiliar areas.

Believe it or not, it is far less likely to be physically attacked in Romania than in other countries located in Western Europe.

As long as you plan ahead, do a minimum of research prior to your departure, maintain an awareness of what is happening around you whilst in crowded place and avoid "friendly" people on the street offering their services, your holiday in Romania will be one to remember.

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